From features in collaboration with New York Times bestselling authors to recognition from some of the world’s most influential business brains. Read on to discover more about Nim’s professional kudos.

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professional praise

“Nim is like the Mary Poppins for brands.”

— Dr Anita Sands, Public Board Member

“Her infectious positive attitude, incredible drive and unique way with people can transform teams. She is resilient, inventive, passionate and brave.”

— Emma Johansson, Global Content Director

“Nim has an incredible mind for both business and brand strategy.”

— Jeff Bonaldi, CEO

“Nim is the original spitfire of a girl. A dynamic & vibrant personality, a passion for progress, an extraordinary work ethic and creatively gifted.”

— Joanna Botwood, Global Brand Director


“This woman is a force of nature - full of passion, energy, optimism and creativity.”

— Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, CMO

“Nim is a one of a kind machine of amazing-ness.”

— Nick Marshall, Managing Director

“If you want to prepare your company for the future, take on Nim as a change catalyst!”

— Olivia Cabel Gerardin, Global Project Manager

“This comes from my heart. She is the right stuff.”

— Sir Robert Swan OBE, Polar Explorer & Founder 2041 Foundation