NIM de swardt. 

I was once described as a ‘Force of nature’ by the Head of Brand & Consumer Marketing at Facebook - it is my signature energy, imaginative approach and passion for progress that continues to fertilise my innovation journey.

My life’s work is focused on transformation - in future leaders and within brave businesses.

It has been this lifelong commitment to people-focused innovation and human centred strategies that informed my role as Chief Next Generation Officer at Bacardi. Working directly for the Global CEO to drive culture transformation and innovation from within through an intrapreneurship engine. 

Re-imagining companies gives me great thrills. I move fluidly between the startup and corporate worlds, with a mission to weave meaningful impact into people and cultures. I have witnessed first-hand how a combination of strategic change management and a fresh injection of purpose can drive profits and innovation to benefit both employees and business. 

In recognition of my work, I been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine. Book features include 3 Billion Under 30 Book (’75 millennials set to change the world’), Back to Human and The Start Up Gold Mine. In addition to these features, I have spoken at the World Retail Congress in Dubai, Brand2Global (Silicon Valley) and the Intrapreneurship Conference (Montreal). In 2017, the Bacardi CEO Michael Dolan & I headlined the Millennial 20:20 Conference in NYC, showcasing key millennial employee insights and best practices for intrapreneurship.

I have lived a dynamic multi location lifestyle, calling 4 continents home and traveling to over 56 countries. I believe it is my ongoing curiosity for global perspectives and multicultural experiences that has infused my work with a diverse set of best practices, as I continue to build connectivity and embed humanity within brands in this modern age.

My purpose in life is to ignite community and courage, to drive positive change, to always flex a curious learning mindset and to continue collaborating with epic humans.



A S   S E E N    I N