hi, i’m nim.

My mission

Everything is guided by my core values : | Courage | Curiosity | Community |

I celebrate and elevate equality and diversity at every opportunity.

I live to positively impact people’s lives through a sense of belonging in an inclusive world.

I ignite courage and advocacy for intergenerational magic.

I thrive when I am flexing my curious mindset and collaborating with epic humans.

Energy is everything.




My life’s work has always been powered by three core themes: Transformation, Human Centric and Impact Focused. I love working on bold strategies that create big value. I am a devoted black sheep. Let’s do things differently in better ways.

Change thrills me. Preparing for future growth is a necessity and my clients have often referred to me as ‘Agent of Change’, ‘Driver of Relevance’ or ‘Our Visionary Future Mirror’.

I have a lifelong commitment to people-focused innovation and human centred strategies. This fascination with people and cultures has lead me to call four different continents home and travel to over sixty countries. Favourites include: Antarctica, Cuba, and the Galápagos Islands. It is my ongoing curiosity for global perspectives and multicultural experiences that continues to infuse my work.

My work is always powered up by my signature energy and will continue to build human connectivity and social capital in this modern age.


Brand meets Marketing meets People Innovation meets Intrapreneurship meets Social Impact Consulting meets Entrepreneurship - gone are the days of stagnant linear careers.

I have worked for some of the worlds best brands: Red Bull, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Martini - a career that has led me to live in the USA, UK, Bermuda, UAE and Australia.

I have been the youngest in the room and the boldest in the moves. I have always been in the driver’s seat of change, as co-pilot to CEO’s, Polar Explorer’s or Board Directors, also as Pilot of great ships of Next Generation aged leaders, Intrapreneurs and Social Impact focused programs.

I am an entrepreneurial mastermind and leading strategic initiatives is my sweet spot. At thirty years old I was the youngest direct report to a Global CEO, a chapter that firmly cemented the power of intrapreneurship and intergenerational magic.

It has been a kaleidoscopic career journey thanks to all the epic mentors that have propelled my potential into spotlights I didn’t know existed. I will be forever grateful to those individuals and experiences.